Fashionable Burp Rags EASY sewing project!

Seriously. They don't get easier than this!


Just bought a seeing machine? Need to make baby gifts on a budget? This is the project for you!


I buy dish towels from Ross (Marshall's, walmart, and tjmaxx are all cheap too)

Then buy some fabric, JoAnns fabric or Hancock or wherever! I usually get some stuff on sale or use a coupon…


Now cut your dish towels to the size you want! I often cut in half lengthways. Lay your cut dish towel on your fabric & cut it to match.


You can measure & mark & carefully cut but I just cut away on this project… You'll probably never hear me say that again!


Now lay your fabric and cloth with the correct sides facing each other… Put a few pins in it.. You want to sew with the WRONG sides facing out.


Pick a nice straight stitch and sew along 3 of the sides, leaving one of the short sides open. Take your pins out! Now turn it inside out.



Turn in the rough edges and sew along the edge to seal the project!


If you'd like you can sew a few lines through the middle of your projects to hold it all in place! Like the picture below




Now TA-DA!! Baby cloths!



Comment with questions 🙂



Another mummy blog?

I know I know. Another blog? What is this world trying to do to you?! But it was requested of me by some of my dearest & dearest. See they feel I'm from another time. A mama who sews? Cloth diapers her son? Makes her own detergents & cleaners? Surely she's from the 1800's?!

Well… No, I'm not. But sometimes I wish I was!

Here I will share my experiences, tutorials, patterns & recipes!

A brief photo tour of my world

First I was a baby…


Then I grew up & got married


Then I got pregnant! (this was 20 minutes after my water broke at home, in our bed at 3am….)


And had the most beautiful child ever


My sweet Jameson Russell


Next up, well, probably something crafty!